Graphisme(s), exhibiton at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France

The exhibition

To celebrate the AGI anniversary, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France organized an exhibition of posters and graphic design at its new location where most of the AGI meetings took place. Anne-Marie Sauvage, curator of the BNF poster collection and Jean Widmer, Alex Jordan and Philippe Apeloig invited 200 international designers to send in their works from 1997 -2001.

Some samples

Many of the posters in the exhibition can be found somewhere on Rene Wanner's Poster Page. Here are some new posters that I like:

Muriel Paris and Alex Singer (FR)
Poster for a contemporary art exhibition
on creative women

Fantasma de Heredia (AR)
Poster for the 100th anniversary
of Bertold Brecht's birthday

Tadanori Yokoo (JP)
Poster for a japanese men's magazine

The catalogue

The catalogue of the exhibition was published in nr. 76 of the excellent french graphic design magazine Etapes Graphiques. To use the infrastructure and the knowhow of a periodical for a catalogue is a great idea which I hope is taken up elsewhere also. Everybody profits - the exhibition organizer, the graphic designer, the magazine, and last but not least the reader: How else could you get a catalogue published with hundreds of first class color reproductions for just 10.7 Euro, less than 10 US$ ?

Véronique Godé
rédactrice en chef adjointe

The editorial office of Etapes, at
15, rue de Turbigo, 75002 Paris
tel 33 - 01 40 26 00 99
fax 33 - 01 40 26 00 79

The cover

Page 46 out of 132, with posters by Alexander Gelman and Kaoru Sato, Claude Baillargeon, and Johanna Balusikova (from top left)


Official site of the Bibliotheque National de France on the exhibition
Interview with Anne-Marie Sauvage, curator of the exhibition
A review of the exhibition by dizajn.net

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