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Poster by Andrea Hild
Poster by Andrea Hild
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NEWS Sep 20 Another masterpiece was added to "Foundations of Typography B"
Sep 20 Krzysztof Bialowicz poster exhibition in Huarte (ES)
Sep 19 Yann Legendre exhibition in Echirolles (FR)
Sep 18 Call: Int. student poster competition "Water is Life", Berlin (DE) 2015
Sep 17 Maxime Lemoyne open studio in Paris-Pantin
Sep 11 In memory of September 11, 2001
Sep 09 New book and exhibition in Paris from Ronald Curchod
Sep 08 Richard Doubleday poster exhibition in New Orleans LA (US)
Sep 06 Weltformat Poster Festival Lucerne, Switzerland
Sep 05 Call: Internat. Triennial Of Eco Poster "4th Block", Kharkiv (UA) 2015
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