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Poster by Fabian Carreras
Poster by Fabian Carreras
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NEWS Oct 20 Exhibition of romanian movie posters in Prague
Oct 20 Call: 2015 Asia/Next - Poster Experimental Design Exhibition China
Oct 20 LeMouel / Drouot poster auction in Paris, 2014.10.22
Oct 18 Pictures from the Martin Kippenberger exhibition in Essen (DE)
Oct 17 Call: Virtual Biennale Prague "Information War", Czech Republic
Oct 15 Karl Wobmann (1925 - 2014)
Oct 10 An animated gif poster from Goetz Gramlich
Oct 10 International poster exhibition in Tehran
Oct 09 Ryszard Kaja poster exhibition in Warsaw
Oct 09 Call: 6. World Biennial of Student Poster, Novi Sad, Serbia
Oct 08 Typographic posters from Fabian Carreras, Buenos Aires
Oct 08 Posters to welcome Bob Gill in Argentina
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