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- Richard Doubleday poster exhibition in New Orleans (US)
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Poster by Cedomir Kostovic
Poster by Cedomir Kostovic
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NEWS Jan 28 Teresa Sdralevich poster exhibition in Ath, Belgium
Jan 28 Chaz Maviyane-Davies poster exhibition in Boston, USA
Jan 27 Talk in Geneva (CH) about shocking women in posters
Jan 27 Exhibition "FREAKS by Shin Matsunaga", in Tokyo
Jan 26 Boguslawski, Kajzer and Kubica poster exhibition in Oradea (RO)
Jan 26 Cedomir Kostovic wins typography award for a very special poster
Jan 26 Claude Baillargeon exhibition in Paris
Jan 25 Posters from the German Democratic Republic, in Essen (DE)
Jan 25 Luba Lukova poster exhibition in Long Island NY, USA
Jan 24 Call: Student poster competition, Chaumont (FR), 2015
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