WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 16th Internatl. Poster Biennale Warsaw 1998
Prizes Stars Students Fans Street art Troxler in Warsaw

The prize winning posters

The International Poster Biennale in Warsaw was founded in 1966 by polish graphic designer Jozef Mroszczak and is one of the oldest and most prestigious international competitions for poster designers. This year 2018 entries by 704 designers were submitted of which only 445 works from 264 designers were accepted, representing 36 different countries.

An international jury consisting of graphic designers Werner Jeker, Switzerland, Alain Le Quernec, France, Uwe Loesch, Germany, Lech Majewski, Poland, Lanny Sommese, USA, and art historian Ryszard Stanislawski, Poland has met in the first week of June and has announced the winners of this years event on June 6th, 1998.

Ideological Posters

Poster, 13 kb
Gold Medal
Gerard Paris-Clavel, France
Algerie je t'aime (Algeria, I love you)
Poster, 6 kb
Silver Medal
Pascal Colrat, France
Je suis choMEURT (I am unemployed)
Poster, 10 kb
Bronze Medal
Bulent Erkmen, Turkey
e.qual, Sharing Jerusalem: Two capitals for two states

Cultural Posters

Poster, 9 kb
Gold Medal
Georg Staehelin, Switzerland
Poster for an exhibition at the Museum fuer Gestaltung Basel in Weil am Rhein
Poster, 8 kb
Silver Medal
Piotr Mlodozeniec, Poland
Poster for an exhibtion of paintings at A.G. Ornoch, Toronto
Poster, 4 kb
Bronze Medal
Koichi Sato, Japan
Poster for IdcN, the International Design Center in Nagoya

Commercial Posters

Poster, 7 kb
Gold Medal
Satoji Kashimoto, Japan
Is this win, if you finish early? Poster for Recruit Co. Ltd.
Poster, 8 kb
Silver Medal
Yoshiro Kato, Japan
Poster for Fashion-Gifu
Poster, 9 kb
Bronze Medal
Garry Emery, Australia
Poster for Red hot CI

Other Awards

Poster, 6 kb
Jozef Mroszczak Honorary Award
Alejandro Magallanes, Mexico
Poster for the exhibition of ten graphic designers at the DDD Gallery, Osaka
Poster, 5 kb
Jury Prize of the Wojwode of Warsaw
Anna Klonowska, Poland
Save computer? Self edition

All selected posters are on display until September 20 at the Poster Museum Wilanow, about 10 km south of Warsaw, where an illustrated catalogue can be purchased for 30 US$.

Ordering address:
Poster Museum at Wilanow
ul. St. Kostki Potockiego 10/16
PL-02 958 Warsaw, Poland
Fax +48-22-422606

Prizes Stars Students Fans Street art Troxler in Warsaw

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