WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont 1998
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Street art

On my way to Chaumont, along the road, I noted an interesting application of graphic design that I have never seen anywhere but in France. Its main purpose seems to be to decorate the backside of road signs and billboards. What a charming idea! For more information you might try one of the phone numbers. The country code for France is 0033.

Poster, 10 kb Poster, 10 kb Poster, 6 kb Poster, 4 kb

The festival poster (below left), designed by jury member Claude Baillargeon, is an interesting eye catcher. If you get real close, you see that it shows a photograph of a crowd of people, made with some kind of panoramic fish eye camera. It makes a good catalogue cover, but as a poster it does not work. The piece of paper with the large letters was later pasted on it to guide visitors to an exhibition hall.

The other posters seem to be student works made to liven up the Chaumont streets during the festival.

Poster, 7 kb Poster, 6 kb Poster, 8 kb

The poster for Pinder has more power and does not need a helping hand. Even spraying and plastering it with other posters would not destroy its message that the circus was in town, and it was Number 1. And guess if the aftershave POLO SPORT is for sissies or not?

Poster, 10 kb Poster, 10 kb Poster, 10 kb

Prize winners Exhibitions Street art

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