WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 18th International Poster Biennale Warsaw 2002

Wheelers and dealers

Poland is such a great poster country not only because they have so many good designers, but also because there are so many exhibitions,
publishers, dealers, shops, books, magazines, museums, collectors, and posters. Here are some of the people that make it happen:

Mariusz Knorowski
Director of the Sculpture Center in Oronsko, former curator of the Poster Museum in Wilanow

Krzysztof Dydo
Head of the Galeria Plakatu in Cracow, book publisher, exhibition organizer, collector

Noboru Matsuura
Director of the Ogaki Poster Museum, makes polish poster exhibitions in Japan

Nina Rozwadowska
Head of the Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu in Warsaw

Andrzej Stroka
Head of the Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu in Warsaw and book publisher

Wladyslaw Serwatowski
Organizes the Rzezow Biennale, world exhibitions and lives at Ulica Plakatowa (Poster Street) in Warsaw

Edmund Lewandowski
Head of Visual Studio, poster dealer and publisher in Warsaw

Anna Grabowska
Assistant Curator in Poznan, and the world's authority on Cieslewicz

Jacek Mrowczyk
Editor of the new polish design magazine 2+3D

Kuba Sowinski
Editor of the new polish design magazine 2+3D

Vladimir Putin
I don't know exactly what he does with polish posters, somebody brought him along from Moscow

Ewa Wrobel
Writer for the new polish design magazine 2+3D

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