WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 8. Tehran International Poster Biennial 2004

Morteza Momayez

Morteza Momayez, born 1936 in Tehran, teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University since 1969, AGI member since 1975 at the invitation of Milton Glaser, Walter Allner and Roman Cieslewicz, Chairman of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society from 1988 to 2004, is regarded by many as the father of graphic design in Iran.

He was honored by the special ICOGRADA Life Time Achievements Award, and had a large retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art, showing his posters, book and magazine covers, logos but also paintings, photographs and installations. The exhibition was part of a the show "The Graphic Designers from Three Continents".

  Photo RW
Morteza Momayez receiving the ICOGRADA Life Time Achievements Award

Morteza Momayez at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran

1974, Movie poster

1964, Morteza Momayez's exhibition of graphic works. The white sign is the artist's signature that you find on many of his works.

1973, Mendelsohn, Mozart, Brahms / concert poster

1976, Poster for an art exhibition

1978, First Asian Graphic Design Biennial - Tehran

1980, The 100th anniversary of the great iranian scholar Ali Akbar Dehkhoda

1986, Self exhibition
The numbers on the horizontal scale read 20, 30 40   , 50 60

1990, Movie poster

2003, Music from Northern Khorasan

Poster for Momayez's art exhibition, 1977 (from the book Plakate - Posters Morteza Momayez, 1985)

Selfpromotional poster, 2001

Installation, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2004 (bottom part)

Morteza Momayez has brought a whole generation of young graphic designers up to world level, inspite of incredible difficulties, the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988, and political isolation during much of the last twenty years. How did he do it, what is his teaching philosophy, I asked him: For one thing, I don't teach graphic design, I teach people to find their own strengths, a statement in remarkable agreement with what is reported about Henryk Tomaszewski who played a similar role in Poland. Second, I don't keep anything for myself, all I know I share. I get back much more than I ever can give.

Spontaneously, and with obvious joy, he taught us how to eat an apple:

Morteza Momayez is surrounded by international visitors. Anthon Beeke (right) had brought a bag of apples to the party after the award ceremony. Ahn Sang-Soo is read to chew one ..

.. but gladly hands it over as teaching object, while Alain Le Quernec is ready to learn something.

Under the incredulous looks of Carolina Rojas, Morteza takes a big bite, munches it ..

.. and proudly presents an international symbol of love.

The logo of the City of Tehran was designed by Morteza Momayez, and so it is hard to imagine anyone living there who does not know his work:

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