WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 100 beste Plakate 1998

Henning Wagenbreth

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When I visited Prof. Henning Wagenbreth at his studio in Berlin at the Kollwitz-Strasse, not far from the Senefelder-Platz, he gave me a set of poster stamps, with a selection of his own favorite posters, just like Michal Batory a few weeks ago in Chaumont. You find many of them on his web site, together with samples of his work as illustrator.

The posters that you see on his studio walls are from a series he did for the puppet theater in Dresden, and are printed with two colors only, to save costs, something you would never guess when looking at the rich halftones. Among them is the award-winning poster for a play based on poet-painter-pilot Saint-Exupery's childrens book The little prince.

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The little prince
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Midsummernight's dream
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About the fat pig who tried to slim down

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