WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 100 beste Plakate 1998

Winners of the german competition Die 100 besten Plakate des Jahres 1998

From the more than 1100 posters that were submitted by 380 designers, the jury (chairman Niklaus Troxler, Rayan Abdullah, Christof Gasser, Anette Lenz, Volker Pfueller, Angela Schoenberger, Ulysses Volker) picked the 100 best for the exhibition and the catalogue and awarded three honorary diplomas and a student honorary diploma.

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Sebastian Lemm
So-Hyon Choe
Nina Sickert

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Henning Wagenbreth

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Rempen und Partner
Stefan Baggen (CD)
Helen Hacker (AD)

there are two more!
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Michael Rudolph
student honorary diploma

Read the press release about the competition, in german. If you don't read german, translate it with Babelfish.

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