WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 5. Triennale of Eco Posters "4th Block", Kharkov 2003

Street posters in Kharkov

Kharkov has recently been flooded with posters. On the main shopping street, there is a poster stand every 10 m, and construction fences or bus stations are covered with paper of all sizes.

I have mixed feelings about this glut. When Cindy Crawford tries to tell me on a Kharkov street that "to be rich is beautiful", I am reminded of an ukrainian friend of ours who is trying to live on a pension of 12 US$ per month. Before retirement, he worked as an engineer in a management position, and was also a Chernobyl Liquidator; he is back to work now. I am also amazed how many posters from the west use latin fonts, with cyrillic added only at the bottom for the address of the shop.

See also the street posters from Chaumont, Berlin, Vienna, Paris or Warsaw.

for a shoe shop

theater poster for the play "Paul I."

for a guitar concert by Zhanna Izok

for the company "Global Audit"

happiness is to see a german dentist

or a cosmetic surgeon

Sindi Krouford does not need one, she is happy with her diamond studded Omega watch from Basel

Cigarettes for Rio de Janeiro

Hot Couture

Christi Boutique at Artema Street 28

for alcohol, with health warning printed sideways in light gray

for "Olymp" wodka

for beer

The theater

Statues in front of the opera

Beauty parlor "Virtuous"

Wall painting on Lenin Square (now Freedom Square)

Lenin with poster about an animal show

Concert and theater posters on Lenin Square

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